Welcome to our Website! 
For many of us not born into the electronic age, this is something of a miracle.  As the bank grows we are discovering that there are indeed ways to work smarter and not necessarily harder.  This project is a success because of all the people in departments and branches across the bank that contributed. Thanks to all of them. 
Of course without the numerous customers who have put their money and their faith into the bank we would not be successful either.  I thank all of our customers, some who have been with us since day one, for their contributions to the web site and to their dedication to the bank.  We will continue to listen to you and effect changes to help us work smarter. 
I invite you, if you live or work within the counties of San Miguel, Mora and Guadalupe, to come in and see how we can help you reach your financial goals.  And on behalf of the Board, Officers, and Employees of the bank, I thank you for visiting our web site. 
Community 1st Bank – It’s who we are – It’s what we do! 
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