The Mission of the Community 1st Bank Las Vegas is to operate in a safe and sound manner while meeting the financial needs of the Bank's designated market areas of Mora, San Miguel and Guadalupe counties. These needs should be met while providing the highest possible level of customer service and in a manner which enhances the Bank's image in the community. The Bank will strive to maximize its sustainable earnings within established guidelines and will endeavor to pay dividends while maintaining acceptable capital levels. The Bank recognizes that growth is a sign of a viable organization but will never encourage growth at the expense of safety/soundness or profitability of the Bank. 
The Bank primary markets are consumers and small businesses; including the needs of low-to-moderate income individuals. The primary basis for evaluating the acceptability of loan applications is the potential borrower's capacity to repay. 
The Bank recognizes that the accomplishment of its mission is dependent upon the following: 

  • Maintenance of adequate capital and quality assets;
  • Policies, procedures, and plans which adequately identify and limit the level of risk incurred by the Bank and provide for monitoring of same;
  • Profitability;
  • An employee base which is stable, well-trained, and committed to the Bank's mission;
  • A professional and well-informed management team;
  • A commitment to provide a high level of customer service;
  • An actively involved and well-informed Board of Directors;
  • Actively involved and well-informed Community Advisory Boards; and,
  • A complete understanding of the regulatory environment we operate in.
    The success of the Bank will be determined by the extent to which the Bank accomplishes its mission. 
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